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Instagram Celebrity Hushpuppi Arrested in Dubai For $435 million Online Scams

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We can all admit that once in a while we have faced unnecessary pressure from social media personalities that are always up there to show us the glamorous lives they lead. This is one issue that never seems to end as glamorous Instagram lives are shown off all in the name of fruits of hard work. Well, maybe this latest story is here to warn us to be contented with life as it is and look forward to earning our living honestly.

Followers and fans of Instagram star Ray “Hushpuppi” Olorunwa Abbas were treated to a rude shock after a video was released showing his latest troubles with the Dubai State Security. Anyone that has seen his name roaming around social media sites has obviously seen the luxurious life Hushpuppi led. From private jets to multiple Rolls Royce cars and expensive Gucci clothing, he truly had people admiring him.

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As reported, the Dubai police had been pursuing him for a while in a joint operation with Interpol and the FBI. According to sources and the video, the Dubai-based Nigerian was arrested last week after conducting a $35 million fraud relating ventilators used for COVID-19 patients. Prior to this, the Interpol and FBI were able to trace the various hacks that he and his gang carried out. This mostly involved siphoning financial details from various emails and redirecting money from bank accounts to theirs. Before the arrests, the gang was found responsible for scams amounting to over $435 million.

Hushpuppi has apparently been a wanted man for a while and had been making headlines on American news channels about the scam business he and his company have been conducting for years now.

The operation, dubbed Fox Hunt 2, was luckily cracked after 4 months revealing Hushpuppi’s shady businesses in Dubai alongside 12 other gang members. The video that made all this viral might be a little dramatic but is definitely worth watching for all the details about the operation and how it all went down.

As expected, this sparked a lot of reaction all over the internet with everyone that had known him prior to the arrest expressing their shock. For a guy that changes cars more often than I change my t-shirts, it is reasonable that he must have gained a huge following over time. But it seems that the constant bragging to the millions of followers turned out to be the end of him.

Additionally, his arrest did invite a lot of question about how many popular social media personalities get to earn their glamorous lifestyles. What is clear though is that international authorities have been quite busy lately cracking all this down since Hushpuppi is not the only one in trouble.

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