M-PESA Services To Be Unavailable On 18th June For 5 Hours

M-PESA Fuliza charges 2023

Safaricom PLC has today warned of server downtime for M-PESA scheduled to take place on Thursday, 18th June. According to Safaricom, the outage will be due to undergoing planned maintenance meant to last between 12 midnight and 5 am.

This obviously means that subscribers will not be able to access any service on the mobile platform at that time. Luckily, the timing of this maintenance is planned to bring the least inconvenience to Kenyans. With the ongoing curfew, you won’t expect many users to have a dire need for the services then.

“In this regard, our M-PESA services shall be undergoing planned maintenance on the morning of Thursday 18th June 2020, between 0000 hrs and 0500hrs. During this maintenance, all M-PESA services including airtime purchase shall be temporarily unavailable,” the statement reads.


The platform has surely gone through various changes and upgrades over time and especially during this corvid-19 period. With the pandemic still shaking up the country’s economy, Safaricom has been making alterations meant to deepen mobile money usage in the country.

This began with the waiver of charges for transactions worth less than KES 1000. This was alongside increasing maximum M-PESA transaction limit from KES 140,000 to KES 300,000. As a result, the service has seen a spike in daily usage for the past few months which is positive for the health sector.

Security measures have also been put in place to curb SIM swap that has been known to leave Kenyans robbed of the money. This was through the introduction of a new feature that lets subscribers aware whenever their ID numbers are being used to register for a line without their consent.

And while there is still a lot more to be done, we can appreciate what we have right now.

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