This Is How Much It Might Cost You To Own and Operate a Drone in Kenya

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On Thursday 7th May 2020, The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) proposed new draft charges for drones. These changes might affect current Civil Aviation regulations including how much it will cost to have a drone in Kenya.

Owning and Operating A Drone In Kenya


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), now have to be registered with the KCAA and a certificate issued. This is simply because the regulations state that drones should be identifiable. According to the KCAA Regulations, here are some requirements based on owning a drone.

You can own a UAS in Kenya if:

  1. You’re Kenyan Citizen or resident in Kenya of the minimum age of eighteen years
  2.  You’re a body corporate or part of the national government or county government.

Under the proposed regulations, drones have been classified under different categories. Categories A-C are based on their level of risk, each with specific rules and regulations laid out to guide their operations.

These Regulations will apply to any person who imports, exports, tests, owns, operates, procures, assembles, manufactures, modifies or maintains a UAS registered in Kenya. Similarly, the regulations also contain information on using, registration and storage of the drone in the country.


The draft charges for owning a UAS have may soon be amended and this is what it might cost you to own a drone in Kenya

  1. KES 3,000 to register a drone (a 50% slash from the initial KES 6,000).
  2. KES 2,000 to get a certificate of registration (from the current Ksh10,000).
  3. Remote Air Operator Certificate (ROC) will be maintained at KES 100,000 and KES 5000 to renew.
  4. The addition of a UAS (drone) under the certificate will cost KES 5,000 while including a new UAS type will cost KES 20,000.

This essentially means that it might cost you at least KES 5,000 to own and operate a drone. However, it can go up to KES 125,000 based on the way you plan to use the drone.

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