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Jumia Delivers iPhone to Customer Who Ordered Cable Clips

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We all tend to relate to the various memes that demonstrate how ordering something online and receiving it are two very different things. You may order a very good looking shirt or a gadget only to receive something looking totally different since the displayed one was just a stock photo merely fetched somewhere on the internet. This would mainly explain the damaged relationship between Kenyans and the various e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Kilimalldue to a lack of trust. It is true that one needs to be careful before deciding on what to order online as not every trader is actually there to sell. But what if you ordered for something only to get a delivery 100 times better and more expensive. Dare I say 1000 times better.

Well, this one user @8BitBatman rushed to Twitter to show the world his lucky jackpot after ordering 100 pieces of cable clips worth KES 448 on Jumia and later on have an iPhone 6 smartphone dropped at his doorstep. Yes, an iPhone! Now like those primary school CRE exam questions we ask, what would you do?

If it were anybody else, the first instinct would be to first recheck what exactly you ordered and then celebrate for a whole week. Then you would go on to question how careless Jumia can be with this mix-up and then you would try to imagine how horrible it must have been for the customer that got the cable clips that you ordered.

Unfortunately for the customer, Jumia did respond within the hour to inform him that the delivered iPhone would be recollected. This even included a warning to make sure that the phone is as good as new and in its original package.

But users have now responded to Jumia on how rude the response sounded. This, of course, brings the debate on what policies the firm has when it comes to the return of mixed up deliveries. As it seems, Jumia was then forced to retract its words and give another reply with “a little more courtesy”.

It is not clear when or even whether the phone will be delivered but what we would love to know is who got the cable clips. It is also scary to imagine how many such mix-ups have happened or are bound to occur in the future at a time when people are heavily depending on e-commerce.

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  1. Ohh please there a new company. There gonna be a better investment then amazon. Africa is exploding over the next 20’years get over it.

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