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Here Are The Websites Kenyans Are Visiting The Most

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Amazon’s cloud-based artificial intelligence system released a recent report with a list of Kenya’s 50 most visited websites. This, according to Alexa, comes from data collected over the last three months. Of course, one question that some would beg to ask is how Amazon gets to have this kind of information but we can inquire that later from the experts.


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Other than the top ranking, the list also consists of how much average time Kenyans spend on each of these websites. The winner, as expected, was Facebook which brags of 18 minutes 28 seconds on average. It is normal for users to be sunk into social media sites for even longer periods of time and Facebook stands to benefit the most. However, other social media sites seemed to not be as popular as per the data as Instagram was the only one following with an average visit time of 8 minutes and 22 seconds.

This could mostly be explained by the fact that people tend to visit social media platforms via their mobile apps rather than websites.

Betting sites weren’t as lucky this time as the only one that really made the midfield ranks was Bet9ja at the 23rd spot with 7 minutes 45 seconds average visit time. And at a time when levels of income are so low, you can see why many would shy away from gambling. There were still hits on online casino games in Kenya.

At a period when Kenyans also had a deadline to file their tax returns, KRA was obviously up there at the 13th place with an average time of 16 minutes 36 seconds. Additionally, e-tailing platforms including Jumia, Amazon and Aliexpress did also make the list which would explain the growing figures when it comes to e-commerce.

All in all, the list surely does come with names that you would expect to be there but also some surprising ones.

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