This is How The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May Look Like

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaked
Image courtesy TechSpot

The flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line up is expected to make a debut a few months from now and leaks are already becoming part of its build-up. After months of speculation about the phones’ specifications, a photo was finally posted by Ice Universe showing one of the phone’s possible look and camera setup.

As always, early leaks like this should be taken with a grain of salt as they’re not always accurate. In a follow-up tweet, Ice Universe did even reiterate that this is “just a rough design preview.” But that doesn’t mean that we cannot learn a few things from it.

From the renders, one can see the basic boxy design that resembles last year’s Note 10 a lot. This would suggest that Samsung might not be in a hurry to bring big changes to the upcoming series. However, one can spot slightly curved edges which would probably be the slight upgrade.

The rear side though shows a camera module that borrows from this year’s S20 smartphones and basically most of this year’s devices across the industry. As expected, the device appears to have three primary camera cutouts. There’s a fourth cutout that is most likely a flash, but it’s possible a high-end Note 20+ could pack more sensors.

Nevertheless, nothing much can be drawn from the images other than the physical aspects. The alleged leak comes shortly after various reports popped up claiming that the series will feature the premium Snapdragon 865 SoC processor. This was followed by other claims about Samsung holding off on featuring a high-end Note 20 model. None of this is confirmed but it also cannot be ignored altogether.

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