Here’s How To Live Stream Bundesliga Football Matches From Anywhere

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Germany’s Bundesliga will be the first major league in the world to restart after all of them were forced to halt all operations amid the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Set to resume back today the 16th of May, every football fan will definitely be over the moon to see some football back, no matter how it comes.

Unluckily, the German football authorities and clubs will be taking a lot of precaution before during and after the matches. We cannot all afford to pay for exclusive TV subscriptions in order to watch the matches. But that doesn’t mean that you run out of options on how to catch the action today on German’s Bundesliga. With that in mind, here’s what you can do:

Install Streaming Apps On Your TV Or Firestick

Android TV or firestick owners are quite lucky to have a wide list of apps they can install and try to get streaming links to catch the action live. These apps are obviously not legal but have been used by many before and have proven to work seamlessly. So why not get to it as well?

They include Kodi, Mobdroand Terrarium. These apps offer a whole lot of options that you can use to connect to live sports without having to submit to the overpriced TV subscriptions. Of course, you will have to learn your way into how they work once you have successfully installed in order to benefit. Fortunately, they are not as complex as you would think.

If you are one that cares about security as well, you might consider installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network)into your TV or firestick as a precaution. A lot of these streaming links are uploaded by people who can use them to gain access to your system and spy on your daily activity. Other links are also prone to get blocked if your real location is found. With the VPN, you simply mask your IP address and change your server location so one can think you are in another country.

Thank us later.

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