Zuku Suffers Major Outage Affecting Customer Care and Internet Services

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Zuku Fiber users might have a really long afternoon following a widespread outage affecting customer care and internet services. We cannot particularly describe the internet service as the best but today has been really bad for a number of its clients.

It has been over an hour since the service’s customer care lines went down giving a sudden cause for worry. So if you are finding any of the calls to Zuku not going through don’t worry, it’s not just you. Additionally, the call lines seem to have gone simultaneously with the internet services as many customers have flooded to social media to air out their complaints.

As it stands right now, no messages are getting a reply on WhatsApp and all calls are getting the silent treatment. So, it is reasonable for users to take to social media and ask for their problems to be resolved. Of course, this is a really bad time for such widespread problems to start popping up when many are stuck at home working, doing schoolwork or just depending on online sources of entertainment.

Luckily though, Zuku did take to Twitter a little over an hour ago to confirm that its contact lines are all down. However, it is not clear how major the internet outage currently is according to the tweet. The replies that some of the users are receiving tend to suggest this to be a major issue affecting many areas.

It will definitely be a nightmare for the many as they wait for the issue to be resolved. After all, other providers have faced similar problems as well.

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