Another Year Without Google Services For Huawei Smartphones

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Huawei’s nightmare is definitely not close to being over with President Trump latest decision to extend the ban on US companies from conducting any business with those deemed as national security. The ban will have Huawei waiting at least one more year so as to have hopes of ever going back to business with US tech companies including Google.

While the executive order doesn’t call out specific companies, it is clear that it has been used to interrupt US operations with Chinese telecom and tech firms like Huawei and ZTE. So as it was since last year, Huawei’s smartphones will not have any Google services installed and will even be harder to install independent applications.

Interestingly, the order comes just a year after the White House gave the order barring US companies from doing business with Huawei due to national security concerns. This was at the time when Huawei was tasked with the supplying equipment for 5G network infrastructure.

But since the order was issued in 2019, the full ban has still not taken full effect yet. As Huawei cannot have its new smartphones with Google apps, the company can still use Android as its base and also have its old phones run Google services fully. This is majorly why the Chinese firm has been renewing some of its older devices in hopes of appealing to Android users globally.

Huawei has also been receiving a series of temporary general licenses from the US Commerce Department that have allowed it to still support existing hardware with software updates. The situation might, unfortunately, change for the worse with the currently extended ban but we will have to wait for official word form the company.

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