Zoom Found To Be Saving Private Messages Between Participants

Zoom Private Messages

If you thought Zoom was ghetto before, this might shock you just a little bit more. We use private messages a lot in Zoom meetings and now it seems like multiple people in your Zoom meeting might be able to read them.

Zoom Private Messages Are Not So Private

Zoom private Messages

Zoom, the video conferencing app, has been the talk of the town for a while now. Soaring to great heights amid the pandemic, Zoom has had its fair share of ups and downs. Unfortunately, we keep getting more downs than ups

The app has a feature where participants can send messages to everyone on the chat. Subsequently, you send messages privately to someone specific on the chat, just like WhatsApp.

Now you would think that the private messages would remain private and no one would ever see it. Well, in some instances they are not. Whenever a meeting is being recorded, everything is saved. Audio, video and messages too.

If you’re having a committee meeting via Zoom and you use the chat function to privately write to someone, your colleagues may not see it in real-time. However, it shows up when the chat is downloaded.

According to Zoom, if a host chooses to record a Zoom meeting locally, then both public, as well as private chat exchanges are saved.

The messages are found in the Zoom folder under Documents on Windows. Probably termed as ‘Minutes Folder’.They contain so much information to. Once you open them on your notepad, you will see the timestamps, who sent the message, the recipient and the message.

Wow. That’s a lot to take in. The whole point of the messages being private is so that no one gets to see them. And with more and more people joining Zoom and recording meetings, it’s quite scary to think who else has access to your ‘private messages.

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