Telegram Video Calls Are Coming, Here’s What To Expect

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The situation taking over 2020 highlights the need for a trusted video communication tool. Video calls in 2020 are much like messaging in 2013. There are apps like Houseparty, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and many others that are either secure or usable, but few can do both. Telegram is joining the party and stating that they promise to focus on bringing you secure group video calls in 2020.

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Telegram Video Calling

Messaging app Telegram is developing a group video calling service due to launch later this year. Telegram’s claim that current group video calling services offer either security or usability is more than a subtle shot at Zoom.

Zoom has been hit by multiple security scandals in recent months. Critics pointed out that the service’s claims about offering end-to-end encryption were false. They also say that its default privacy settings made it easy for uninvited users to tap into video calls.

That said, according to The Verge, the messaging app has also faced its share of criticism from the security community. Especially when it comes to end-to-end encryption, noting that it is not enabled by default.

However, we can’t shoot down the prospect of having secure and quality video calls from Telegram. Let’s wait and see what they have in store for us.

400 Million Users

The app has reached 400,000,000 monthly users, up from 300 million a year ago. The company notes that every day, at least 1.5 million new users sign up for Telegram. They say that features like folders, cloud storage and desktop support make Telegram ideal for remote work and study during the quarantine.

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