Delivery App Sendy Experiences Service Outage For Hours


Frequent users of the end-to-end transport and delivery service, Sendy will or have probably had a rough couple of hours today due to the current outage. Sendy did send a statement to its users warning of an unexpected glitch that began at around 9 am.

Currently, the issue has not been fixed yet even though the company assures that is being worked on.  So, if you do notice any glitches on your orders or delivery tracking, then it’s probably the outage that’s rendered the app offline.

Nevertheless, Sendy had been quick enough to ensure that their users can still access the service. Even though the app is offline, users can still get in touch with their respective Client Relationship Manager or the Customer Care department.

However, this does not overshadow the fact that this could be for various users around the country as well as for the service itself. For a company that’s well known for being a delivery platform for Tuskys Supermarket, it ould be a real bummer for anyone that had been looking to get their goods today. This is not to say that the issue will not be fixed in time though, so we’ll have to wait.

Luckily though, one will be happy to know that other services like Uber Eats have already begun deliveries for essential stuff as well. In partnership with Tuskys as well, the company now does no-contact deliver service for all your shopping. This means that the delivery person does not have to knock on your door and can just leave the order at the door.


After a couple of hours, the Sendy service app has gone back up after the team’s efforts to resolve the server outage. So, users can finally commence with their orders and ongoing deliveries. Any individual issues have, however, been advised to be reported to Sendy’s team.

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