Uber Eats To Start Delivering Essential Items in Nairobi

Uber eats-tuskys

With the current surge in many top e-commerce platforms, it looks like more physical stores are looking to get in on the action. Many people are forced to stay at home either studying or working. Therefore, the opportunity to actually go out to your favourite local supermarket for household shopping seems to be a struggle right now.

Luckily though, Uber Eats is looking to make shopping much easier as it looks to move online. Through its new partnership with Tuskys, the store chain will now be delivering essentials goods to your door. This includes foodstuffs, drinks (non-alcoholic) and sanitary items stuff like hand soap and paper towels among other things.

Currently, one can already access the stores by tapping a banner readily available on the Uber eats app’s home page. The branches as of now include Pioneer, Mountain View, Karasha, Tmall and Westlands.

You should not worry about the stores’ location since the delivery can be done to your location when you specify while ordering. The delivery service dubbed “Leave at door” also has the option of no-contact. This means that you can simply give instructions for the delivery person to leave the ordered goods at your door without necessarily knocking.

This is meant to be efficient for anyone who wouldn’t be at home at the time of delivery or just one who doesn’t want to be bothered. Besides, it helps in following a warning issued previously by the DCI for people to be careful with who they let deliver goods for them. This was shortly after spotting some scammers trying to steal their way into people’s private data through emails that claim to direct one to get free stuff like face masks and sanitisers.

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