Samsung Plans to Launch a Crazy 600MP Camera Lens

samsung 600MP camera
Image courtesy GSM Arena

South Korean tech giant, Samsung had surely set the bar so high with the Galaxy S20 Ultra whose camera setup had changed the game in terms of mobile photography. But it now seems that the company is aiming even higher, with the recent announcement of a 600MP camera sensor launch. According to Samsung, the human eye matches a resolution of 500MP, so it would only be fair that the camera exceeds that with a 600MP sensor.

Major tests for image sensors have surely been done in the smartphone industry with other use-cases pointing to autonomous vehicles, drones and IoT. But smartphone manufacturers have obviously been shy in getting image sensors with such high resolutions. But what does Samsung think?

“The 600MP sensor mentioned in the article is more of a long-term goal with no visible timeline at this point, and not necessarily a specific project in motion,” a Samsung representative told Android Authority

“We do plan to come out with a number of image sensors throughout the year, so hopefully we do get there in the near future,” the representative added.

So as it stands, the 600MP should not be expected to debut soon. Nevertheless, there is a clear promise of the company upgrading its sensors from the already existing 108MP sensor. What is not clear though how much the new sensors would exceed the 108MP.

There are rumours already going round about a 192MP phone coming next month which could hopefully be the start of the stride to the future.

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