Kenyans Are Now Buying Books From Online Stores. Here’s Some You Can Check Out

Online Book Stores Sales
A lot of things are changing and that includes the way people are purchasing books. On a normal day, parents would go to the store and physically buy the books for their kids. Now it seems like they have moved to online book stores.

Online Book Stores Sales Spike

The government’s social distancing directive to minimise the spread of COVID-19 includes reduced contact with others. In line with that, online book stores have reported an increase in purchases as more parents shun over-the-counter services.

Text Book Centre, managing director Armand Houahu told Business Daily that the store’s online unit has seen a surge in sales by up to 300 percent in a couple of weeks.

“As a result, some of the customer orders have not been processed and delivered within the stipulated SLA timelines,” he said,

He also notes that the dusk to dawn curfew has affected their capacity to deliver orders instantaneously.

“All customers deliveries within Nairobi now take up to 72 hours while those from outside about five days,” he added.

Online Book Stores In Kenya
  1. Nuria
  2. Pick a book Kenya
  3. Prestige Bookshop
  4. Magunga Bookshop

The same circumstances forced outlets like Tuskys and Naivas to introduce home delivery services across the country. The two are in partnership with delivery services Sendy and Glovo respectively.

Even restaurants and fast food stores have fallen prey to this. The likes of Uber Eats, Jumia, SafeBoda and Glovo have changed their respective delivery times to fit the directive.

Do you know any other bookshops in Kenya?

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