Google Launches E-Learning Portals Including A Dedicated YouTube Channel

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Google now has a new e-learning feature on YouTube meant to help students and teachers alike who are stuck at home during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The feature dubbed YouTube Learning consists of online resources like curriculum-relevant topics in physics, math, biology, languages, study hacks among more. All this is said to come from YouTube’s education-focused creators.

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The feature can be found easily by users on both mobile and desktop on the Explore tab. The feature, according to YouTube is set to include lessons on some many more fields including photography and yoga. Google went on to add the e-learning feature would really come in handy for people who want to learn new skills. It would also be helpful for you’d students and pupils who are forced to adapt to the new homeschooling schedules.

Moreover, Google is also launching a new kids section on the Play Store set to have “teacher-approved” apps. This means that the apps are to follow high standards ensuring that they are appropriate for kids.

The section actually comes early late as it was initially set to launch late this year. The ongoing crisis though prompted them to rush the feature’s launch in order to help children as they spend their current time at home.

The global rollout will, however, be happening later as it first launches in the US. These efforts do come as a way to encourage the concept of e-learning for all students around the world who are stuck at home with their educational curriculum unfortunately interrupted.

But it will certainly be of help to anyone that wishes to learn any new skills now that may are not at work.

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