Harvard Is Offering Free Online Courses For Students and Form Four Leavers

Harvard University

Education is one of the most important things our children can get and in this period, it can be hard to attain it. Fortunately, there are many free sources of education online and now even Harvard University is offering over 50 free online courses.

The courses are mainly suited for recent form four leavers and anyone else looking to learn something or upgrade what they already know. They have different time periods ranging from 4-12 weeks of leaning. The courses will also require about 6-9 hours per week.

The instructors are all from the University of Harvard. However, for a verified certificate, you will have to pay KES 14,000. This shouldn’t be a barrier because you’ll still have the information and how you use it will lie on your decisions.

Harvard Free Online Courses

Harvard University Free Courses

Art and Design 

Under art and design, explore the archaeology, history, art, and hieroglyphs surrounding the famous Egyptian Pyramids at Giza.

Get an exploration of the haunting figure at the heart of one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays including Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost.

You can also learn the fundamental principles of architecture — as an academic subject or a professional career.
Get an introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements. Explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex social problems and understand Contract law.
Computer Science

Under programming, you can get courses like introduction to game development, programming with Python and JavaScript and mobile app development. You could also delve into the world of machine learning.

This is only the epitome of what they are offering. They are also giving free online courses on Data Science Health and Medicine, Mathematics and Social Sciences.

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Apart from the Harvard free online courses, here are other online learning resources you could take advantage of:

Primary and Higher Education Online Classes

Zeraki Learning App

This is an educational platform that offers studies and courses from experienced high school teachers. The app comprises of video lessons and assessment tests from some of Kenya’s best high school teachers. It applies three simple processes; learn, practice and track.

  • Video Lessons: Multimedia lessons from expert teachers covering the high school syllabus.
  • Assessment Tests: Students can take tests at the end of every topic or at the end of every form to assess and cement their learning.
  • Performance Tracking: See how well you perform in each subject, form and topic and monitor your study patterns on Zeraki.
  • Student-focused: The app is the results of years of expertise in education and technology and a deep understanding of what students need.
  • Offline Access: Access all features of Zeraki on the app offline, including tests, analytics and downloaded lessons. Sync the app to access any new content available online.

Khan Academy

At Khan Academy, students practice at their own pace. They first start with ‘fill in the gaps’ and then proceed to expand the questions according to the child’s abilities.

It is good for maths and computing for all ages and other subjects at the Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it’s mostly common material.

BBC Learning

This site is old and no longer updated and yet there’s so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV license required except for content on BBC iPlayer.

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