Samsung’s Old Voice Assistant is Going Mute, But Did You Even Use it?

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Loyal Samsung phone owners would be the best to recall S Voice. As named, it was Samsung’s proprietary voice assistant that was made available for various Samsung smart devices years ago. The assistant did hang around for a number of years, that is until the creation and adoption of Bixby. The company clearly never intended to fully develop S Voice evident by the decision to get rid of it altogether.

Unlike Alexa or Google Assistant, S Voice wasn’t particularly a conversation-enabled virtual assistant. Sure, it could perform various tasks in response to voice commands. Simple stuff like “Call Brian” or “Set the alarm for 7 am” are what it could rise up to do. But, we can all agree that voice assistants of today are way more advanced, built to go beyond just basic commands. Samsung, it seems wanted more when Bixby was launched alongside the Galaxy S8.

Since then, none of the latest Samsung smartphones has been launched with S Voice. But it still remained functional for those that had older devices. These included Galaxy A3, A5, A7, A8, A9, Galaxy Note FE, Galaxy Note 2, 3, 4, 5, Galaxy S3, 4, S5, S6 and S6 edge. More to those were Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Galaxy W, Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tab 4 8.0/10.1, Galaxy Tab S8.4 and S10.5.

As of June 1, 2020, S Voice will be completely discontinued from all these devices. Any attempt using it will take you to an error message saying, “I’m unable to process your request. Try again later.”

Bixby is now believed to be the right one even though many still think it’s got nothing on the likes of Siri and Google Assistant. But Samsung clearly wants Bixby with promises of how it’s been made to function better with every yearly release.

S Voice’s farewell luckily won’t affect how those devices listed will function. After all, barely anyone got to use the voice assistant even at its prime when there was no competitor to replace it. So, maybe you can just result in using Google Assistant on the phone if you need to.

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