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You Can Now Enjoy Your Late-Night Instagram Live Streams On The Web

Instagram Live

Instagram has over time become one of the largest platforms for personal live streaming. And even more so now, when individuals have been breaking barriers with over 350,000 views per stream. Celebrities from Kenya and beyond have also been holding concerts straight from their homes, just streaming them live for everyone.

But until now, the broadcast could only be viewed from the mobile app. This has proven to drag a lot especially for streams that last too long. Luckily, Instagram has now added support for watching live broadcasts from the web. Now, you can finally watch your favourite celebrities from the comfort of a large screen.

Instagram Live On Web

Mobile app users are also used to the comments that constantly scroll up through a transparent window. This has not been as great as it can sometimes obstruct the view, especially when the stream is with more than one person.

With the web interface, however, the comments are conveniently moved to a scrolling window on the side, leaving the bottom of your viewing experience uninterrupted. This is despite the fact that the viewing window doesn’t seem any larger on the web compared to mobile. Moreover, direct messages have also been made available on the web, something that wasn’t there.

These changes certainly are appreciated by web users around the world who have to work on their computers all day. This is mostly because one can now multitask while still watching the live broadcast, which is one difficult job when it comes to the mobile app.

But we can also agree that all this is a bid to accommodate all users with the current spike in social media usage that includes Instagram. Hopefully, we can wait for more to be done.

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