20 Interesting Facts About WhatsApp You Probably Didn’t Know


WhatsApp is the sole means of communication for a lot of people, especially in emerging markets like Kenya.

While we get to enjoy all the benefits that come with a well-made messaging platform like WhatsApp, there’s a lot about it (in history and present) that we don’t know about.

The scrollable list below contains twenty interesting facts about WhatsApp you should probably know:


This curated list of WhatsApp facts constitutes of publicly known facts but was majorly sourced from

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  1. A small correction: WhatsApp isn’t ENTIRELY banned in UAE. Only WhatsApp Voice and VidrV Calling will not work, while all messaging still works. I’m perfectly able to use WhatsApp in UAE!

    Other than that, great article!

    1. Thank you got this correction 🙂

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