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This Website Recreates Office Noises For Those Working From Home

Working from Home

If you’re like me, it can get very lonely working from home. I miss the chatter of people around the office. The printer printing, the phones ringing, that one person humming. (I’m that one person.)

Apart from the clicking of keyboard keys, nothing really reminds me of the office. I might have lost it, if not for this website that plays office sounds in the background.

Working From Home

The site is called,, made by Kids Creative Agency. This might be the closest thing to working from home that I have seen. When you load up the site, hit the play button in the bottom-left corner and it will play a lot of sounds that are common at most offices.

Working from home office soundsYou’ll be treated to immersive snippets of conversation, a fan blowing somewhere, phones ringing and even a water dispenser! There’s even someone who annoyingly smacks their lips and someone humming.

The site also has an office layout that you can click around to activate certain sounds. Click the water dispenser, for example, and you’ll hear the sound of water filling up a cup.

Clicking the printer activates the familiar sounds of a printer. The chairs make squeaky noises as if someone was sinking down into them. And you can even activate the sounds of a ping-pong match.

The site is a fun reminder of the office environment that you might have taken for granted. The best part is you won’t have to suffer through a commute to feel like you’re working side-by-side with your colleagues again.

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