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Like the PS5 Controller? Then You’ll Probably Love These Alternative Designs

Dualsense 4
Image courtesy Twitter/@PS4_Trophies

Gamers around the world were treated to a glimpse of the new PlayStation 5 controller. The accessory that is now officially named DualSense, has surely sparked conversation all over social media. And even more so now that geeks are stuck at home without much to do really, anything interesting is destined to go viral.

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Well, images of the DualSense were also released on the blog post detailing. But of course, the white and black tone had everyone expressing their opinions, Many seem to love that for change since most controllers from Sony come in black. But others including, MKBHD, would rather have it in its famous colour. So, everyone has had the time of their lives trying to reimagine what the controller would be in their favourite colours.

One the very first repaints was obviously the all-black tone, which honestly looks pleasing as well. Minutes the matte black lovers’ wishes were granted.


But that wasn’t enough since we human beings all have different preferences. Someone then decided to interchange the colours and see how that would look like.

But other users also had their own colours that they preferred than just a dull black. So this one tried pink.

@PS4_Trophies took to Twitter to come up with a less vibrant colour scheme than the one above, while still spicing it up with some more colour.

Another user did not like the white and decided to replace with some bright solid colour schemes.

It was not just Twitter users that had something to say since the good people at Reddit also had their own choices. One decided to give it some cool gradient themes. After all, it’s just a photoshop, right?


Image courtesy Reddit / Doomster78666

In the long run, it is not yet known whether the DualSense controller will only come in that white/black double tone. But we can all agree that the new design has everyone even more excited for what the console will look like.

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