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An iPhone X Has Been Spotted Running On Windows 10

iPhone X-Windows 10
Image Courtesy Gizchina

Ever seen an iPhone running on any other system other than iOS? Well, some just found the right hack to make an iPhone 10 run on Windows 10. In a recently uploaded YouTube video, the phone was shown running on Microsoft’s OS and Office 2019.

Posted by “HackingJules”, the users claimed that they were able to load the system through a virtual machine app without necessarily violating Apple’s software terms. According to the users, the Windows installation was done with an original ISO file and took about two hours to complete.

Surprisingly, the desktop took about a minute to load on the Apple phone. Navigating the Windows 10 interface seemed fairly simple, even though the position of the mouse pointer and the touch input did not line up as well.

But as expected, there were a number of system failures on the iPhone. This includes problems with internet connection. With that drawback, any kind of online features both for Windows and Office were a no-go.

Despite those issues though, it is pretty fascinating to see Windows 10 run on a platform that is Microsoft’s biggest OS rival.¬†Furthermore, seeing someone be able to crack into an iPhone that is presumably one of the most secure phones would blow every techie’s mind away.


We wouldn’t particularly call this the return of Windows Mobile considering it completely failed. Microsoft discontinued updates for its mobile platform last year. The company had even gone further to recommend its users to use Android or iOS on their devices.

But this totally turns over the tables in terms of the iPhone being “impenetrable”.

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