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From Virtual Concerts to Online Museums: COVID-19 Is Impacting Human Interaction

Human Interaction

Stay home. Save lives. Flatten the curve. That’s all we can do now. Schools have shut down, work from home has been instigated and with so many activities being cancelled or postponed, human interaction. is changing Many of us are feeling cut off from their everyday hobbies and social lives.

Luckily, the internet offers a means to stay connected and to keep us all entertained and educated through the days of isolation. Here are some of the ways people are already using technology to lift their spirits.

Socialising Remotely

Human Interaction

The likes of Zoom and other video conferencing sites have given us the possibility to hold meetings virtually and for free during this Quarantine period. Apart from working from home or having classes, people are using this software to call and talk to their friends and family.

It’s much easier now to video call your friends and family. You can have dinner together, watch a movie or just catch up. It’s slowly becoming a borderless world. I’ve seen some are having parties whereby they dress up, call their friends, listen to music and play games all from the comfort of their rooms.

Being able to talk to my aunties in America and my grandmother in Mumias really softens my heart. It’s not the same but it’s a start.

Taking a Class, Going to the Gym

Thanks to YouTube and other social media platforms, exercise classes have moved from gyms to online. With the reduction of human interaction, trainers are benefiting from their videos or “lives” on Instagram and Facebook. This form of learning spans across all forms of activities.

You can take a cooking class, pick up that guitar and have your own personal teacher or even learn a new language. With supermarkets closing down, you can buy the necessary ingredients and try out different recipes.

The other day my mom was so happy to learn how to bake bread from an actual French Chef. If you can imagine it. it’s probably already on Youtube.

Virtual Concerts

Artists around the world have had to postpone o cancel their concerts. However, their fans won’t have to miss them too much. We have their music on YouTube and Apple Music but they are going a step further.

Sauti Sol took to Instagram to have a live 1hr concert for their fans. It was so successful that they’ll have another one on their YouTube Channel this weekend. Dj Joe Mfalme also had a live concert on Instagram and it looks it’ll be a trend in the next few weeks.

Visit Museums and Art Galleries

For those craving some culture, museums and galleries globally have been posting on social media under the hashtag #museumfromhome, showcasing their collections.

One exhibition at God’s House Tower in Southampton is having a “virtual launch” on Saturday, as the venue has shut due to coronavirus.

God’s House Tower art gallery
Image Courtesy GOD’S HOUSE TOWER

“We’re really devastated that the venue has to close temporarily,” says Daniel Crow, director of the gallery. “Hopefully, this will allow people around the world, not just those local, to see it. “It really does herald a new era in God’s House Tower’s fascinating 700-year-old history by presenting art exhibitions online.”

Do you think human interaction is being affected positively? How do you want to spend your quarantine time?

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