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Kenyans Are Leaving Wedding Rings and Wigs in Ubers

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If you’re missing a wedding ring, wig or your baby’s stroller, then you should probably check your last Uber ride. Kenyans are a peculiar lot and nothing proves that more than taking a look at the Uber lost and found index.

This index is a short report released by the ride-hailing firms showcasing the category of items that people usually forget after they get to their destination. In Kenya, the list went from the usual forgettable items such as phones, books, keys and bags to some pretty unusual stuff.

But before we get into the whacky list of crazy things Kenyans have left in an Uber, the report shows that Mombasa residents tend to forget stuff more than their Nairobi counterparts.

Fridays and Sundays were the two days that people forgot most items. Interestingly enough, and we would like to know whether there’s a scientific explanation to this, Uber says that different days of the week have different items that are easily forgotten:

  • Mondays – Books
  • Tuesdays – Cash
  • Wednesdays – Phone charger
  • Thursdays – Passport
  • Fridays – ID
  • Saturdays – Jewellery
  • Sundays – Umbrella

Anyway, let’s get to the list of what people leave in Ubers:

Top 10 items left in an Uber in Kenya:

  1. Phone / camera
  2. Headphones / speaker
  3. Wallet/purse
  4. Clothing
  5. Backpack / bag / folders / box / luggage
  6. Keys
  7. Glasses
  8. Water Bottle
  9. ID/ License
  10. Book

Most unique lost items in Kenya:

  1. Trolly
  2. Diabetic Pen
  3. Cooktop
  4. Wedding ring
  5. Banner
  6. Makeup
  7. Tripod
  8. Hair Dryer
  9. Laptop
  10. Laser Meter
  11. Torch
  12. Baby Stroller
  13. Frying pan
  14. BroomStick and Mop
  15. Alcohol
  16. Sleeping Bag
  17. Hospital Report
  18. Fan
  19. Wig
  20. Groceries

How To Claim Lost Items

In case you leave something in an Uber, simply calling the driver and alerting them of this should suffice. However, if you leave your phone Uber recommends logging into your account on desktop and navigating to “I lost an item” under “Your Trips” menu.

Have you ever lost and found anything in an Uber? If so, what was it?

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