Pinterest Announce A Lite Version On The Play Store

Pinterest Lite Version 

Who doesn’t love cheap things? With the introduction of Youtube, Facebook and Google Lite, it was only about time other apps followed suit. After first launching its revamped, data-friendly ‘Pinterest Lite’ app in certain regions in October last year, Pinterest has this week announced a full, global roll-out of its Lite app for Android devices. This version will enable more people to log onto the rising platform.

Pinterest Lite Version 

Pinterest Lite Version 

Pinterest launched the first iteration of its Lite app some years back, but then shut it down in 2018 as part of a broader revamp of its mobile application. This new version is built on the same infrastructure as its main app. It better aligns the platform’s offerings, ensuring a more uniform experience across the app variants.

As explained by Pinterest:

“We recently began launching Pinterest Lite for Android to people in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Today we’re expanding the availability of Pinterest Lite and launching it globally. Pinterest Lite offers most of the features of the Pinterest app. It does all this while taking up less space on your device. You can download the app faster even with slower internet connection.”

The focus on emerging markets makes sense for Pinterest. As the company reported earlier this month, while its US audience increased by 8% to 88 million monthly active users in 2019, its international MAUs jumped 35% YoY.

Pinterest Making Some Huge Strides In Kenya

As per statistics by web traffic analysis platform Statcounter, these are the top five most used social media platforms in Kenya. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr (?), in that order.

Of course, emerging markets are not as lucrative, in a monetization sense. However, by building a presence, these apps stand to benefit as usage behaviours evolve. With all the big players putting focus on the economic benefits of social connectivity in these regions, Pinterest is smart to look to tap into the same.

Pinterest Lite is available in the Play store globally and is launching for Arabic speakers soon.

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