Finally TikTok Lets You Pin Stickers On Your Videos


We’re always looking for ways to make our videos that much more fun and cool. Tik Tok has got you covered. They’re giving you the opportunity to pin stickers to your videos so that the subject always stands out. Alongside that, they also rolled out some parental guidance features to help control some of the activities. Here’s everything you need to know.

Pin Stickers On Tiktok Videos

Based on a tweet, by Matt Navarra, Tik Tok has launched a new feature that lets you pin stickers to your videos.

When editing your video just look for the sticker icon, pin your TikTok stickers to your subject and your good to go.

Parental Control Feature

TikTok is introducing a new “family safety mode.” It’s designed to give parents tighter control over teens’ mobile phone habits. The feature will let parents link their own TikTok accounts to their child’s – and turn features on and off remotely. That includes a “restricted mode” that tries to filter out inappropriate content and turning off messaging.

TikTok has an age limit of 13, but many pre-teens still use the app. The dangers of social media span across all mediums and TikTok is no exception. The Chinese owned app is looking to protect children, from these unavoidable dangers.

That means the adult’s phone can now turn on and off the setting for:

  • Restricted Mode: an automatic filter, driven by an algorithm, which tries to hide content that may be inappropriate.
  • Messages: which can be limited so they can only be received from friends – or turned off completely.
  • Screen time controls: putting a hard limit on how long the app can be used each day.

A BBC investigation last year found that children and teenagers were being pressured to buy items with real money for TikTok celebrities – in exchange for phone numbers and private messages. The app made that feature an adults-only function in the wake of the report.

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