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People look at their phones up to 80 times a day. Most of that time is spent on apps. Be it games, social media or just for entertainment, apps are taking centre stage in our lives. The ability to come up with and create an app is an increasingly vital skill, whether your career is in web development or not. Even if your app experience has never extended beyond idle thoughts. The 2020 Mobile App Developers Bundle ) can get you up to speed in this exciting new realm.

What Does The Bundle Entail?

The 2020 Mobile App Developers Bundle features seven courses to help new creators understand the steps and development areas to make new apps flourish. This 20-hour bundle offers training for everyone. This includes absolute beginners, so regardless of your familiarity with app development, you can easily get on a career track. There are seven apps included in total.

Mobile app development bundle

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In detail:

  1. Introductions to iOS development and Android development using Java and Kotlin (coding languages).
    1. iOS App development for beginners.
    2. Intro to Java for Android development.
    3. Kotlin for beginners
  2. Learn how to integrate SQL databases and Firebase into apps to retrieve and manage data more efficiently through an online SQL course.
    1. Complete RESTful APIs for Android Course
    2. Complete Mobile App Development Course with Flutter
  3. By the end of the bundle, you’ll put your skills into practice by building a Contacts app and a weather forecasting app.
  4. As you work through the steps needed to build a weather forecasting application in Android Studio, then build a complete Contacts App from scratch. Your skills and confidence will improve, allowing you to not only start thinking up brand-new app ideas but actually make them happen as well.

They’re all taught by the programming experts at Zenva Academy. Zenva has a great track record in the online learning space. They have over 16k reviews on Udemy and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Facebook.

How Much Does The Mobile App Developers Bundle Cost?

Each course in The 2020 Mobile App Developers Bundle retails for $49, but right now with this limited-time deal, the whole collection is available forĀ only $29.99, a savings of over $300.

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