Fortnite Teases Upcoming Season 2 In Some Really Weird Ways

Fortnite season 2 Chapter 2

Fortnite players around the world have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming season 2- Chapter 2. But after much anticipation, the developers finally seem to have nailed a way to get the game‘s fans even more anxious for the upcoming level. But their methods are not what we would refer to as normal as this time it’s all being done in real life, not on the game.

Some Fortnite stickers have already been noticed in Japan and Paris. But the main show-stealer would be a series of signs that appeared in  São Paulo, Brazil. This was spotted and recorded by YouTuber @FlakesPower, and as you can see the sign not only has a strange yellow handprint symbol across the logo but at the bottom, that’s actually a Brazilian phone number.

When you call it, here’s the message that plays:

The translation:

“Yes, sir.”

“The agents were called.”

“Card to access the safe purchased.”

This among more has raised questions among gamers as to whether Fortnite intends to have season 2 as an ARG (alternate reality game). This wouldn’t be the first game to have the concept that combines real-world elements with other aspects of storytelling to tell a narrative.

Naturally, nobody has any what this means since we have no clues whatsoever about what’s coming in season 2. All we have to go on is a few gold-themed datamined skins and props. Given that the handprint on the sign is yellow, I do wonder if this could be some sort of “Midas touch” hint, but the rest of it all sounds like covert ops spy stuff.

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