Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Comes With New Gory Death Animation

Image courtesy Infinity Ward

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare has just been updated for its season 2. Among other content and gameplay changes, Infinity Ward decided to add some spice to the game through the new dismemberment graphics. These are animation effects that show a head or limbs tear off a character’s body when shot. And just as the definition sounds, the new animation is, to say the least, brutal and disgusting.

The update is already rolled out to players across the world with videos of the gameplay already showing up to demonstrate the gory visual effects. Have a look at the video below to see this in action, but fair warning: it’s gross.

Luckily though, the developers have been careful enough to make the graphics optional. If you would find the animation to be extreme, you can toggle off the effects from the Options menu. Bear in mind, however, that dismemberment only happens in the campaign mode, but gore effects are in all modes.

Other than the new effects, Modern Warfare new season adds a new heap of content that includes a new version of the popular Modern Warfare 2 map, Rust. It’s available in a 24/7 playlist called “I Have Rust Issues.” For more, check out the full patch notes.

In other news, Infinity Ward is rumoured to be working on a battle royale mode called Warzone, and its release might be coming up sooner than expected. How likely that will happen Players have successfully glitched into the mode’s menus, revealing new details about it.

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