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5 Best Gadgets For A Smart Bedroom Makeover Under KES 25K

Amazon Echo Dot 2 Bedroom

Your bedroom, unlike any other room, should be your sanctuary. Where you feel comfortable and relaxed, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day. If you feel like your bedroom is not meeting your expectations, you can make some changes which do not have to be expensive.

There are several ways to upgrade your bedroom, even if it means adding a statement piece or adding a new piece of tech. Here are some inexpensive upgrades under 25k (total) that you should consider.


humidifier bedroom

This is a must-have gadget for your room. Many people turn to aromatherapy when they want to relax. The gentle smells of the essential oils help the person unwind. You can use this humidifier when doing another calming activity like meditation or yoga. You must look for calming oils like Bergamont, Lavender or Peppermint.

Price: 2,590/=

Desk Light

desk lamp bedroom

For those of us who are constantly staring at screens, eye strain can do a number on us. This is because mostly, we don’t have sufficient light when working. It ends up causing damage to the eyes over time. To prevent constant eye strain, invest in a good desk light. The main goal is to prevent too much eye strain when using a screen. Ensure what you buy provides sufficient light.

Price: 2,340/=

Wireless Charger

wireless charger bedroom

Wireless chargers are widely used especially for smartphones and wearables like an Apple Watch, Fitbits and the like. It is very convenient as you don’t have to physically charge the phone and provides less clutter in terms of using multiple chargers for your devices. It also prevents accidents like tripping over wires and dropping your device which can get damaged.

Price: 1,772/=

USB Plant Light

USB Plant Light Bedroom

Calling all plant parents, this is for you. If you have indoor plants that require light probably don’t have sufficient light in your home, a USB Plant Light is the right gadget for you. There is no need of moving your plant around to get the perfect light. Secure yourself with one of these plant lights. The required light for plant growth is LED. When shopping for one, look out for that.

Price: 2,020/=

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

amazon echo dot bedroom

This is by far the most important piece of tech you need. With the Echo Dot’s dome shape, it has impressive sound quality, listening to music is a breeze. Since the Echo Dot is Alexa- enabled, Alexa natively supports music streaming services from Spotify, Apple, Deezer or Amazon, or you can stream tunes to it via Bluetooth.

Just like any other Alexa speaker it will read the news headlines, tell you the weather, answer questions, set alarms, timers and control smart home devices, too.

Price: 6,199/=



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