PUBG Mobile’s New Domination Mode Explained!

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When it comes to Battle Royale games, you cannot go too far without mentioning PUBG. In fact, it is highly likely that this will come first on the list with the popularity that the game has been garnering constantly for years now. The game’s mobile version does not fall far from the tree being one of the most popular mobile games of all time.

An unexpected challenge, however, came in the way when Call Of Duty Mobile launched in October last year. Being a Battle Royale game as well, many of the former game’s fanatics (including myself) found themselves glued to the new kid in town. Unlike PUBG, CoD Mobile also offered other game modes that were fun and not as long, which is what many players had been looking for.

The variety of game modes has surely made Call Of Duty really popular over the last few months that it has been around. As a response though, PUBG Mobile’s developers have taken up the task to bring in as many new game modes with every new update. The addition of diverse gameplay features has now gotten us this new mode, Domination that is surprisingly interesting.

The new mode drops two teams of four players each on a small new map. The objective of these two teams, should you choose to be one of them, is to capture and hold multiple bases to win the round. The teams, namely Red and Blue, fight over three bases that can be captured by either.

To win the round, you must ensure your team captures two bases at the same time. Luckily though, there is no limit to how many times you die as you can respawn immediately and keep playing. The only thing that matters is that your team captures the bases.

This may sound a lot similar to what we already have at Call Of Duty Mobile but it is nice to see the world of mobile gaming offering some new competition. After all, it is the players that benefit.

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