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Toyota Now Has A Flying Car That You Can Own By 2023

Toyota SkyDrive
Image courtesy SkyDrive Inc.

If you told someone from the ’60s that a car company would ever think of making a flying car, you would probably get smacked in the face. Well, get ready for it since one has already been built and successfully taken to the skies.

Flying cars are slowly but surely coming to reality thanks to Skydrive, in partnership with Toyota that now has a fully working flying electric car. The two-seater has been in development for some time now with the last testing being done quite recently.

Many other companies have been linked to having projects of their own of the same nature, but Toyota seems to be louder and quicker about their “world’s smallest flying vehicle”.

Developed in collaboration with the Japanese startup, SkyDrive Inc, the car is built as a two-seater vehicle that is 3.6m long and 1.7m wide. On flight though, the car stands at 3.1 m wide as the propellers come out then.

While on the ground, the car can travel at a respectable 60km/hr, while in the sky it can fly at speeds of 100km/hr, according to SkyDrive. Additionally, the car is able to fly up to 50m above the ground even though this is not concluded as the maximum altitude.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO of SkyDrive looks forward to this project completion saying, “We are clear that our product will improve the lives of consumers right across the world by providing efficiency of movement and creating happiness in flying – be it linking people to jobs, their family or a dream holiday.”

The company is clearly eager to unveil the product for production and sale considering its ambitious timelines. It predicts that the flying cars will be on sale to the public in 2023, while mass-production will begin by 2026. Nothing has been revealed about other specifications and shipping but we are sure to find out more with time.

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