PlayStation 5 Is Most Probably Just Weeks Away From An Official Reveal

Sony PlayStation 5 logo reveal
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The future of gaming is upon us. And with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X projects still ongoing, gamers are bubbling with expectation for the new consoles. However, Microsoft is currently the talk of the town with the recent reveal of the Xbox’s new gaming console. But with Sony always dominating in sales, the internet cannot stop talking about the PS5 whose details have remained scanty till date.

This has, of course, caused a lot of rumours and speculations about when Sony intends to officially reveal the next-gen console. Fans of PlayStation and Sony have been on the edge of their seats as now a recent source has recently revealed that the console could be released within the next few weeks.

A highly-respected game developer, David Jaffe, who previously worked on God Of War, has recently tweeted that the console reveal is in ‘four weeks’, which understandably has left gamers very excited.

He then went on to add, ” “I want to say it’s the worst kept secret in games right now. February reveal as they did for PS4.”

We may not confirm this to be the exact truth but considering David Scott’s reputation and position in the video game industry, the statement is definitely something worth putting into consideration. Despite Sony’s efforts to keep the details of the PS5 under wraps, the company has gone ahead to tell gamers around the world to expect some forthcoming information very soon. Whether it is an official reveal of the console or just a showcase of its specifications is yet to be known.

What is clear however is that everyone is excited and eager to have an opinion about the design that Sony decides to go with for the PlayStation 5.

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