Xbox Claps Back At PlayStation With The Reveal Of Its Next Console

Xbox Series X
Image Courtesy Xbox

Microsoft’s gaming brand, Xbox may have just surprised the world with the first look of the upcoming console, officially named Xbox Series X. We may not agree with the name, but one thing we can all agree on is that the console has finally awakened the life-long debate between fans of PlayStation and Microsoft.

Expected to drop mid or late 2020, the world is now clearly eager after seeing the unique shape it’s set to come in. Instead of the traditional that we are used to, the series X will now come as a square tower. Thankfully, this shape will allow you to either use it vertically or otherwise. The reveal was never expected and neither was the design.

So you may very well call this the “cybertruck of game consoles“. But honestly, the shape is classy compared to other previous Xbox consoles that have been criticised for years with every single release. The design that’s now been revealed though seems to appeal to the masses as the hours go by with the minimalistic finish and vertical orientation.┬áIt basically looks like a PC which has got us wondering what Xbox is planning in terms of performance.

Microsoft went beyond just the reveal to explaining that the console will target 4K/60fps performance with processor chips, Zen 2 and RDNA architecture from AMD, leveraging hardware-accelerated ray tracing, GDDR6 memory, and NVMe solid-state storage.

All these new specs may be exciting but the frenzy that has come with the brand’s executive describing it as “the fastest and most powerful” console might seem like a clear hype gimmick. We will have to wait for Sony to pull out their own guns and probably have them tested after they are released respectively.

But now that the future seems bright, the next announcement which is from PlayStation is surely expected to come anytime soon.

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