Tech Cleaning Guide: Easy Fast Ways To Clean Your Keyboard

Clean Keyboard
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A clean techie is a happy techie. Working on clean tech makes it feel new and refined. Give your keyboard that fresh feel by cleaning it with these few steps.

For laptop keyboards we recommend a lighter cleaning process:

  1. The first step is to remove dust from all edges using cotton buds.
  2. Using either hydrogen peroxide, baby wipes or water and vinegar solution, wipe off the laptop with a micro fiber cloth. (Tissues and cloths will leave lint on the laptop that will end up sticking to the keys.)
  3. Let the keyboard dry and live the clean life.

Use Baby Wipes To Clean Your Keyboard

First, shake out all the loosely hanging dirt from your keyboard or laptop before attempting to clean. Once that is done, take out a few baby wipes and rub them over your keys to clean your device thoroughly. It will clean out dust, dried spills and dirt.

You can get the same result by mixing water and white vinegar in equal proportions. Wipe over your keyboard using a micro fiber cloth to clean out all the bacteria and give your keyboard a fresh feel.

Hair Drier or Vacuum Cleaner

Direct the flow of air from the necessary angle and let the air do the rest. **Remember to use cold air when attempting to clean with your hair drier. The cold air blowing through the keys will remove the dust hiding in the cracks and tiny spaces.

For external keyboards you may implement  the use of toothpicks to dig out debris

Narrow and small spaces in between your keys can get clogged with debris. Carefully scrape the case and remove the debris using outward  motions. This way you won’t push dirt further into the computer.

The Most Effective Way To Clean Your Keyboard

If you can spare the time to make it as clean as possible, this is the best way to.

  • It will involve removing the keys from your keyboard. This is an easy process and this video will help you learn how to remove the keys.

  • For external keyboards, you can wash it in a dishwasher, hose it down or scrub it by hand.
    • Remember not to use soap when washing the keyboard as that could potentially cause a short circuit.
  • Then take the keys and clean each of them by hand. Use a tiny brush to get to every part.
  • Dry the keys and the key board separately for about a week. This will make sure everything is completely dry and connecting it to power won’t affect it.

If you have any questions or need some help cleaning your keyboard feel free to ask. It’s fun but scary. Especially dipping it in water.

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