Samsung Galaxy Fold Just Launched In Kenya! Got Kes.230,000 Lying Around?

Samsung Galaxy Fold

We have all just been watching the likes of MKBHD on YouTube among others reviewing Samsung’s first-ever foldable phone. And with the problems that started affecting the phone, it meant we had to wait for a bit longer. But now after all that time, Kenyans can now check out the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

However, as warned earlier, this is not for the broken-hearted as you’ ll have to dig as deep as Kes.230,000 to get it. Got some of that lying around? What does surprise though is how appealing it actually gets when you see it in real life.

First Impressions

Design- You wouldn’t actually believe it but the phones feel so compact and small than it actually should be. Is that a good thing? Definitely. The ages of people carrying around big tablets as their everyday phones are over and with his, you most probably wouldn’t even notice it when unfolded or otherwise. The back glass cover, however, is guaranteed fingerprint magnet. It can feel a little chunky when folded but still compact at the hand.

Display– Obviously presented in its “unfolded” mode, the phone really does appeal. At this point, you could actually call it to love at first sight. The 7.3-inch main display really looks compact than you would actually imagine all complemented by the impressive 2152 x 1536 resolution. Of course, you cannot ignore the crease but even after using it for some seconds, you almost forget that it exists.

A lot can be said about the phone, but it is definitely a marvel to just look at and use. The initial pre-launch stock already sold out in Kenya and with the few units here, you would probably want to rush for one (if you have 230k laying around). But we can all agree that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not a phone for everyone.

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