Gaming 101: 3 Essential Must Haves For A Gamer

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Gaming continues to be a growing independent culture among young people across the globe. And even as the industry continues to show promise even in countries like Kenya, certain things continue to be invaluable to a gamer.

So whether you are a pro or you just started gaming, here are three things you would regret not having.

Gaming Desk

gaming desk

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Anyone will tell you that being a full-time gamer requires you to have your own consoles or PC. And as much as that’s true, not many tend to find the perfect gaming setup.

Sure, you can still rely on a beanbag or a couch but a gaming desk does make all the difference. This is mainly because gaming requires long hours of you stuck to your screen practising.

It’s almost the same as one needs a desk for long hours of work in an office. However, you need an ergonomic desk for all those hours of gameplay.

An ideal gaming desk also needs to be big enough to fit all your gaming accessories, such as keyboards, joysticks, steering wheels, gamepads, and screens while keeping everything within reach and allowing for mobility; you need to be able to move around without knocking valuable stuff down.

The best part is you can just have one made for you perfect for your room’s space instead of buying one.

Supportive Gaming Chair

gaming chair

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A good desk cannot come with a horrible or even average chair. No one wants to sit on an uncomfortable chair for hours on end. Luckily though, there are a wide variety of gaming chairs that you can check out on stores or even online.

And once you invest in one, you will wonder how you were playing for so long without it. A good gaming chair is good to eat out some of your fatigues. Moreover, it gives you a good posture, protecting you from future back problems.

Quality Headset


I think we can all agree that good sound in gaming is perfect for just taking you away from all distraction and immersing you in the game completely.

For that, we wouldn’t recommend anything else other than a quality sound headset. Even if your set comes with good sound system, nothing beats the immersive surround sound that you get from headphones.

A good headset filters sound perfectly in your ears. give you a microphone to use to clear in-game communication. Unlike built-in speakers, headsets give you a little more privacy when gaming and they’re especially handy when playing late at night and you don’t want to disturb the rest of the household.

Besides, some headsets are actually cheaper than a whole sound system.

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