Here’s Everything You Need To Know About USB-C

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You may have heard about many different types of ports and cables already. Today we want to talk about the USB-C connector.

There are lightning cables by Apple, made specifically for charging iPhones and iPads. There’s also thunderbolt, made by itel, specifically for connecting peripherals.  Now we have the USB-C. The future of cable technology. The U in USB stands for universal. This suggests that it can be used by anyone, anywhere and for a variety of things. That’s why many android phones and laptops have a USB port of some kind.


The normal ports on laptops are normally the USB 2.0 versions. Most devices have now upgraded to the USB 3.0 version, depicted by blue linings inside the port. The USB-C is now the third version, the connector.


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What’s Different

  1. Smaller and thinner.
  2.  More Powerful: Can carry up to 100 watts of power.
  3.  It is fast: Can transfer data at up to 10 GB per second.
  4. It is reversible: You will plug it in the right time every time no matter how you plug it in.


  1. Laptops: Macbooks and Chromebooks are already using the Type-C ports as the sole port on the device.
  2. Smartphones and Tablets: Samsung, Google, Nokia and Huawei have already implemented and started using USB-C. It comes with the benefits of fast charging and quick data transfer.

The Future

All the above-named companies believe that USB-C is the future. It will replace many cables. For example now for your laptop you might need a separate charging cable, HDMI cable and Data transfer cable. Type C aims to fix that by implementing all those features into one.

We are of course headed into a wireless era, with wireless charging and earphones. However, there are those who still trust the features a cable has to offer and USB-C would be the best pick for you. We are looking at a future where all the functions could be done with just one cable.

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