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Pace Mzooca Review: Leave Those Knock-Offs And Go Get These


You have been looking for some wired earphones and all you’ve getting are those cheap foreign knock-offs that leave you with one earbud working after a week. Well, it’s about time that you started considering to more locally based products. However, remember the fear we all had of phone manufacturers getting rid of the headphone jacks? It’s happening and fast.

People are slowly being forced to go to the wireless direction that’s proving to be really expensive. And however much the wireless earbuds are still trying to prove themselves in sound quality, the wired have already established themselves. This is where the Pace Mzooca earphones come in.

I got a piece from Pace Africa and have been using them for about a month. As much as this surprises you, you have to imagine how astonished I was by the impressive quality these earphones bring. This is certainly not something said a lot about wired earphones.


Pace Mzooca buds come in a typical plastic red and black design that makes it look not that expensive. This would also be a bummer for anyone who desires to have magnetic buds that stick together when not using them.

Luckily though, Pace packages the earphones with ear tips of different size that you can fit according to your ears’ size. But with the red colour being the most dominant all the way down to the cable, I really wish the earphones in other colour variants probably darker ones.

Pace mzooqa- buds

However, going down through the unexpectedly long cable gives one some good surprise. There is only one button attached to the right bud that cuts off the rubber and plastic monotony with at least a slight metallic feel. Highlighted in black on a red field the button is used in different ways. Pressing it once gets you to either pause or play your music or pick a phone call. Hitting it twice means you forward to the next song track. To rewind to the previous track means you have to press it thrice.

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Holding on to the button does the same as pressing it twice or awake the screen when it’s off.

Pace 6

Other than that, the jack may very well be the most impressive part as the cable’s end connecting to it is guarded by a stronger kind of rubber that then covers all the way to the jack.

You may not notice this but the black rubber with an African aesthetic to it, is there to protect the cable from breaking as it always does in other brands. So, you won’t have to worry about being a getting tape for your broken cable again with these.

Pace 3

Sound Quality

Following in the steps of basically, all products from Pace, the Mzooca earphones really do give impressive sound quality. From the high volume levels to the clean sound, it really reminds you of how good Kenyan-made products can be. The sound hits the right highs, mids and an even better bass making you feel like you have actual speakers attached to your ear.

Pace 2

The clarity and lack of distortion will pretty much give you an amazing experience as you listen through your favourite playlist. However, you should not expect features like noise cancellation or isolation with these buds. After using for a month or so, the quality does not go any lower. You don’t even get the instances of one bud failing at all.


Not much is to be talked about when it comes to this piece of tech other than how surprisingly good it actually is. Good build, great sound and truly long-lasting products are what they are. I, however, wish Pace would go in this direction and make some truly wireless earbuds with the same or even better quality. Now that would be dope. So, if you aren’t into cables, forget them. If otherwise, go get them at a Kes.700 price in various online stores including Pace’s official website. 


A reason to keep believing in locally made products.

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