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Twitter Reacts To Itel Nigeria’s Savage Response To Troll Tweet

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They say that there is nothing like good or bad publicity. Publicity is publicity. Savagery is becoming a communication strategy most companies are using to deflect negative comments. If you can’t beat them, join them. This time, telephone company, Itel, had their fair share of the cake.

Trash Talk And Itels Response

On October 16th, a twitter user, by the name, Mr.Trash/@assertive boy, decided to post a meme on twitter. Unfortunately, it may not have panned out as he intended it to.

The tweet suggests that Itel and Tecno devices are not good enough to be stolen. Itel, without hesitation, takes to Twitter and bombards the @assertive_boy with a rather calm and collected response.

Many companies are now implementing a “comeback” strategy. This is a new mode of dealing with customer feedback where the jokers and “haters” are called out on their comments. Companies like Safaricom and Airtel are using this strategy and it seems to be working well for them so far.

Those In Support Of Itel

Those that are in support of Itel, say that the move is well calculated and no one should take advantage of them. Here are some of the comments and tweets from the supporters and users of Itel devices.

Those In Support Of The Tweet

Those That Understand

Itel focuses on making cost-effective and high specification mobile devices. There are some who understand this principle and are quick to defend Itel.

The debate is raging and the stage is set. Companies are monitoring social media and making sure to respond well and on time to any and all comments. That, however, begs the question, a people using such stunts to attain higher levels of fame?

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