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The Safaricom Airtime Heist: Kenyans On Twitter React

Money heist safaricom
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Safaricom endured a hefty day of events today and Kenyans on Twitter wasted no time in showing off their tweeting skills.

Before the break of dawn, some late-night Safaricom users were treated to a special surprise. Tweets started streaming in with the #Safaricom and #bundlesheist. On checking what the fuss was about, we realized that some users were able to purchase millions in terms of bundles and airtime.

Pamoja Na Safaricom, #TWAWEZA

The heist was underway and many more subscribers were able to purchase the gifts from Safaricom. Some users used this to gain subscribers by posting their “earnings” on Twitter and asking people to follow them so as to get bundles as well.

Others were ready to “Hotspot the nation.”


Praise and blessings upon the leading Telecom company in Kenya.

Songs and memes to thank them for their “kindness”.

Future Plans

Parte after parte!

Fun and Games With Safaricom

It wouldn’t be Kenyans on Twitter if they did not make a joke out of the situation.

Late To The Party

There’s always that group that gets late to the party.

Safaricom Explains

Safaricom said that they experienced an issue with the purchasing system which resulted in customers buying significantly more bundles and airtime than they paid for. They have resolved the issue and stated that the extra bundles purchased will dissappear and only the amount you had purhased will remain.

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