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5 Tech Savvy Jobs You Should Check Out In 2019

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Tech is quickly advancing in waves and spectrums seemingly unpredictable to man. It’s getting harder to ascertain what could happen within the next few months let alone year.

Advancing Technology

With all these changes and advancements, technological IT careers are on high demand. It is impossible to ignore and is slowly seeping into our daily routines. We started with smartphones and now we have smart clothes, smart cars, smart homes and smart buildings. Smart classes, use of laptops, coding and machine learning are some of the requirements and curriculums expected of a top school.

Advancing Tech

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5 In-Demand Tech Careers

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI engineers are the professionals who program artificial intelligence to create a “smart system” that can function without a human’s influence. For example, Siri and Google Assistant. They are systems you interact with that are constantly learning and adapting to your lifestyle.

Data Scientist

This career is all about applied statistics, data optimization and the use of advanced algorithms for data analysis.

Internet of Things Specialist

Today you can use apps to turn off lights in the house, change the music on your home theatre and track deliveries. This is all thanks to IoT. It connects usual thing via the internet making them easier to use.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning Engineers use collected data to develop computer algorithms and systems that therefore learn and apply knowledge independently either on human or other intervention.

A good example is Facebook. They use algorithms to determine what posts the best suite your news feed based on what you like to share and comment on.

Cyber Security Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers are tasked with planning and constructing security measures, troubleshooting security and network problems, responding to security breaches, testing and identifying potential network failures and protecting the organization’s data and servers.


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