Here’s Why Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Be Just as Good as The Note 10

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is a powerful smartphone all on its own. However, there’s always been a debate between which is more preferred between the S series and the Note series.

Traditionally, the Note series has always been superior, with a larger size and more features including the stand-out stylus, S-PEN.

With rumours that Samsung is planning on merging the two lineups into one and probably just release one single lineup of flagship devices every year being out in the air, Samsung’s latest update to the S10 series is sort-of a confirmation of this happening.

An update that is currently rolling out to S10 users in East Africa (this includes S10+ and S10E), brings most of the things people loved about the new Note 10 to the slightly older S10 lineup.

Here’s everything that’s new:

New Camera

s10 camera updates

Image Courtesy Samsung

Basically, the camera on the Note 10 has been ported to the S10. With features such as AR doodle, an actual night mode, better live focus for those bokeh shots and even live focus on video.

DeX for PC

Samsung DeX

Image Courtesy Samsung

For those who don’t know, Samsung Note devices have in the recent past come with a feature that allows you to turn your phone into a computer. This feature has been improved over time, as before you needed external bulky hardware but all you need now is an app and a USB Cable.

This new update was first introduced with the Note 10 and has now been released on the S10 as well. On top of this, Samsung’s collaboration with Microsoft that allowed Galaxy Note 10 users to wirelessly link their phones to their PCs and have access to the phone through the PC is now also available on the S10 through this new update.

Dynamic lockscreen

Here, Infinix and Huawei users have an upper hand as they have had this feature for quite a while now. What dynamic lockscreen does, is that it automatically changes your lockscreen wallpaper each time the device’s screen is switched on. As with every other feature on this list, this feature was only available on the Note 10 but is now available on the S10 series as well.

The update brings more stuff, like September security update and performance improvements as with every update. There’s still no Android 10 but Samsung recently announced a Beta program for Google’s latest software which means that by the end of January (which is a long time), we should be seeing the update hit the masses.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S10? What new feature excites you the most from this new update?

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