Fortnite’s Black Hole Is Over, Welcome Fortnite: Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter two
Image Courtesy Epic Games

Players around the globe pretty much spent the last two days staring at a black screen with a glowing halo that everyone is now calling “the black hole”. Fortnite simply turned from a game of weird characters and 10-year-old teammates to a literal black hole staring back.

For others though according to Twitter, they had the new season’s cinematic trailer play for them in the lobby. For most though, it was just a matter of wait and see.

Ironically though, many were not surprised as this has happened before with the completion of previous seasons and the rise of a new one. Trying to press “relaunch” simply took you completely out of the game over and over again. If you were one of them, then here’s what the other folks were seeing:

To the internet’s collective shock, the black hole never seemed to be going anywhere for quite some time drawing a lot of confusion. Some started joining forces to try and decode mysterious numbers and entertain themselves with speculation.

The short time then ended up being a whole 35 hours at what basically amounts to a screensaver. But finally, the wait is now over! We are free from the black hole and we now have a new Fortnite season kickstarting a whole new chapter.

Players are still anticipating a new map that had been speculated for quite some time now. Moreover, the supposed new weapons coming into Fortnite are still being anticipated. Either way, we’ll see what Fortnite’s new world looks like when the game comes back online.

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