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Instagram Implements Changes To Make Stalking Harder

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When hasn’t the Instagram “Following Tab” ended in heartbreak? Did you know you could see your friends Instagram activity? As long as you follow them, you could see what they liked, commented on and even who they followed. This could be a fantastic discovery or a scary exposition and Instagram are taking this into consideration.

The “Following” Tab On Instagram

Following Tab

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The social media site has an activity feed that displays what your friends are liking, commenting on or who they are following. This can be found by clicking on the heart icon and swiping to the right to access the “Following” Tab. The feature is fortunately or unfortunately going away this week.

What Is the Reason Behind This Move?

One of the most common habits today is to wake up and check your social media sites. To check what’s new and what’s trending. This culture could easily affect humanity and psychology especially when you realize your friends are taking time for other things and not you in particular. Have you ever waited for someone to reply to your messages and they kept quiet? Only to later find out they were online and liking other people’s posts and following other trends? How did that make you feel?

Instagram, have since August, secretly been removing this feature for some users. The process is ongoing and they have confirmed to BuzzFeed that they will phase it out this week. Once it is removed, the heart icon that represents “You” and “Following” will only contain your activity.

According to the head of Products at Instagram, Vishal Shah, the feature will be taken down to invoke simplicity and to remove a feature not too many people knew existed.

Many people did not use the feature as required and when they found out about it, they were not too pleased to realize their activity could show up on someone else’s wavelength of information. They have recently released a new messaging app, Threads, set to push further this agenda of building stronger relationships.

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