Kenya Police Warns Against Buying of Stolen Phones and Laptops

stolen phones
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We all love to save a few coins here and there and the desire to have flashy things while not spending that much has also been a growing trend among Kenyans. This is especially true when it comes to gadgets such as phones and laptops that may have been stolen.

The second-hand market for electronics is a tricky one. This is because it is quite easy to buy faulty devices or even worse, stolen goods.

In an official statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Kenya Police has warned Citizens to be wary of where and how they purchase electronics.

This follows the rise in cases of innocent Kenyan citizens being caught up in criminal cases they know nothing about, all because they bought a phone in an unscrupulous way.

The DCI urges Kenyans to buy electronics only from shops that have a physical address and have displayed their license clearly.

The DCI further states that ones you buy an electronic gadget, keep the receipt well – possibly taking photos of it as evidence of your purchase as well as marking your device with indelible (markings that cannot be removed) initials either by yourself, by the seller or through third-party services, which makes the device easily identifiable.

This comes with the warning that failure to heed to these precautions may land you in trouble with the law, with the possibility of being charged with murder, which could end in a death sentence.

Below is the complete statement from the DCI:

“The Public is hereby WARNED never to buy any Electronic Gadget including Laptops, Mobile Phones, TV Sets etc from an Individual or a Dealer who has no fixed Physical Address; Identifiable trading Building/ Premises with requisite authorization documents that are conspicuously displayed including Licenses, Permits & other Local and/or National Approvals.

Always when buying insist on the issuance of a Receipt clearly itemizing the particulars of the bought gadget. Always keep the receipt or secure it Electronically by Photographing it & archiving in a reliable system e.g. a desktop.

It is RISKY & DANGEROUS to buy any electronic device from suspicious outlets. Most are those who buy Stolen items from Armed Gangsters who have Violently robbed innocent Citizens & in the process Kill or Maim them.

DON’T buy a device of a fellow Murdered or Maimed Kenyan. When Police Forensically Investigate & find you in possession of such said devices, by the time it is established that you were not involved in the crime, you may have suffered immensely.

Being found with suspected stolen property, you suffer immediate consequences of the Actual Criminal, which may escalate to Death Sentences.

We further urge Electronic Dealers to seize the IT/ICT technology & ensure they mark at the counter every electronic gadget bought by a customer as a value-added incentive with indelible initials as may please the customer for safety & security purposes.

This makes it hard for criminals to hawk it & easier for investigative agencies to track & identify. Equally, owners can mark in the same manner thro’ various private experts in the market. In case of any doubt that you may be harbouring any gadget of suspicious source, Please and in Confidence report at any Police Station or DCI Office.”

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