Fortnite Season X: Where To Find Bat Signals For ‘Welcome To Gotham City’ Challenges

Fortnite bat signals
Image: Fortnite Insider

The Fortnite x Batman crossover event may very well be one of the best surprises from Epic Games. But considering we are also busy with week 8’s challenges, many will find it hard to fully benefit from this event. But we can admit that it is a tradition for every crossover event to come with a new set of challenges.

One of these challenges though has players searching out and lighting three Bat Signals outside of the in-game Gotham City. However, finding the Bat Signals can be a little tricky, so we’re here to narrow down where you’ll need to focus your attention.

The Challenge

The situation over at Gotham City is a little mysterious. This is considering the Bat Signals are apparently spread out quite far throughout the map. Luckily though, you only require to light up three of them and so far at least four of them have been found. All you’ll have to do for this challenge is to find the signal, go up to it, and light it.

Where To Find The Bat Signals

  1. One of the Bat Signals is located on the mountain east of Pleasant Park, on a hill that looks down on Loot Lake.
  2. Another Bat-Signal is perched right on the roof of the Prison that’s right next to Moisty Palms. Head to the northwest side of the rooftop to find it.
  3. A third Bat-Signal is located in Junk Junction, on the roof of the main building in the town.
  4. A fourth Bat-Signal can be lit on the mountain northeast of Snobby Shores, where the Villain Lair is located.
  5. If you’re having trouble finding the spots, make sure to refer to the map below for help.
Fortnite Bat signals

Image: Android Central


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