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Elon Musk Gives The World A First Look At SpaceX’s Starship Rocket

Starship rocket
Image: Teslarati

It is pretty clear that SpaceX’s biggest project right now is building the Starship Mk1 super rocket. The rocket that will be tested in less than a week, is Elon musk’s best-guess at human space travel. The spaceship (which pretty much looks like an extract from films) is set to transport humans and cargo to space.

Additionally, Musk has even said that versions of the Starship will one day carry travellers around the moon, and even to Mars. The Mk1 prototype is currently based in Texas looking like a big silvery silo. However, the Mk1 is still smaller than the Mk2 structure that’s also under development at Space X’s site in Florida.

The Mk1’s build that has gone on well so far has Musk evidently excited according to his latest tweets.

The 9-metre wide, 45-metre tall prototype is meant to blaze a trail for an even bigger two-stage rocket. This is together with the Mk2 structure as the pointy-ended vessel sits atop a Super Heavy first-stage booster.

During a live-streamed presentation on Saturday Central Time, musk will be giving plans for testing and flying the Starship system over the next few years. Moreover, SpaceX has made a deal with Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezaw. This is to take a Starship flight around the moon by the mid-2020s.

Reportedly, the tycoon is planning to sell a multibillion-dollar stake in his fashion retail company to cover the cost. Additionally, it is in Musk’s plans to have the Starship fly over to Mars by 2025 at least. He, however, didn’t address those beyond-Earth visions in today‚Äôs tweets. But while replying to his followers, he did get deep into the spacecraft’s design.

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