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Musk’s Neuralink Implants First Chip in Human Brain

First Brain Chip launched by Neuralink

Neuralink implanted its first chip in a human on Sunday. The patient is recovering well; initial tests show promising neuron spike detection.

Elon Musk announced via X that the first human to receive an implant from Neuralink is recovering well, and initial results show promising neuron spike detection.

Last year, Elon Musk’s brain chip startup received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct its first human trial. Later that year, the startup announced that it was looking for volunteers willing to have the chips implanted.

The first product of Neuralink is Telepathy, which enables humans to control their phone or computer through their thoughts.

Neuralink estimates that each implant surgery will cost around $10,500, including exams, parts, and labour. The company plans to conduct 11 surgeries in 2024, 27 in 2025, and 79 in 2026.

Neuralink has conducted extensive animal testing. Musk shared videos of monkeys playing pong with their brains.

Cover photo: Neuralink

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